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A program that can successfully enhance loyalty among construction workers by providing a platform where they can upload invoices of their purchased Cesal products and earn points. By offering rewards and prizes that construction workers can redeem using their accumulated points, the program incentivized repeat purchases and has strengthened the bond between Cesal and its customers.

The Meseriada platform stood out for its user-friendly and intuitive interface, despite having a complex mechanic. The program's implementation of Rewardiful, an efficient and innovative solution for trade campaigns and loyalty programs, ensured a seamless experience for construction workers. The platform allowed easy uploading of proof of payment, processing and validation of purchase documents, automatic point generation, and a comprehensive catalog of rewards. The platform's ease of use contributed to high user engagement and satisfaction, resulting in constant growth and activity within the program. We offered an extensive catalog of rewards and prizes, providing construction workers with a diverse range of options to choose from. The catalog included over 100,000 merchandising products, professional work equipment and attire, electronics, home appliances, digital vouchers from over 400 brands in Europe, and more. The availability of such a wide selection ensured that construction workers can find rewards that suit their preferences and needs, further enhancing their motivation to participate in the program and redeem their earned points.The program targets retailers but also retailers' staff. We created a rewards program based on cashback. Cashback is offered based on meeting a specific sales target on different activation campaigns and on a monthly review of promo material presentation in stores. To receive cashback, shop owners buy PMI IQOS products. PMI uploads the transactions in the system, and the system calculates and allocates the money into the user accounts. The target each retailer must achieve is set by Philip Morris International. When meeting the target, the retailer receives cashback. Retailers are rewarded monthly or quarterly depending on the target achieved.


By leveraging Rewardiful, the program offered a seamless platform that simplified the process of earning and redeeming points for construction workers, ensuring a positive user experience. The wide range of rewards added substantial value to the program, making it highly desirable for participants and further strengthening their loyalty to Cesal. Digital gift cards were the most ordered prize in the program. Additionally, the program's outstanding word-of-mouth advertising campaign is a testament to its exceptional success. The compelling appeal of the program to construction workers generated independent registrations and positive recommendations, showcasing the program's effectiveness in engaging its target audience and fostering brand advocacy.