Loyalty & Rewards programs

Over 45 rewards programs implemented to-date.

Built loyalty and start incentivizing your customers and business partners in a matter of days. End-to-end rewards campaigns, with extensive prize catalog and logistic services included.

Cashback campaigns

B2B and B2C multi-country, multi-currency cashback campaigns.

Run successful cashback campaigns. We are experts in developing and entirely managing cashback programs, from payment processing and invoice validation to managing and making payments.

Trade campaigns

Award winning international trade campaigns.

Incentivize distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to boost sales and increase profit. Trade campaigns tailored to your needs, with sophisticated mechanics and intuitive flow for the user.

SaaS application for Rewards, Incentive Programs and Loyalty Clubs


Rewardiful.com is a SaaS solution for developing trade campaigns, rewards, and loyalty programs. 
Campaigns are live in a maximum of 24 hours, with all stages of implementation entirely set, from layout and customer database to setting the mechanics, the prize catalog and prize logistics. Rewardiful.com offers special functionalities and features which can be enabled or disabled based on your needs. A campaign built with Rewardiful.com comes with a ready-to-use prize catalog. You can edit the categories of prizes and select from a variety of products, with over 1.000.000 available prizes in stock, or offer digital gift cards from over 500 international brands.

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The end-to-end incentive & rewards solution for B2B and B2C, fully customizable.

Rewards Direct

A modular and fully customizable rewards platform for running rewards & incentive campaigns, and consumer loyalty clubs. Multiple features like member recruitments mechanics, points allocation mechanics (direct upload or via sending a proof of purchase – a code via SMS/WhatsApp, buying receipt, fiscal invoice, other types of consumption evidence), and burning points mechanics (online rewards catalog – merchandise, online vouchers, physical vouchers, rebate, donations, etc).

A logistic rewards solution for the logistics process within trade, loyalty, and reward campaigns.


GiftyDepot is a logistic rewards solution connected to the client platform. It covers API integration, gifts/rewards feed, order management, logistics, and support. It's the perfect solution for companies that want to create trade and loyalty campaigns but do not have the full logistics arsenal to effectively support such campaigns.

Cashback payment platform

Create Payments

Create Payments is a cashback payment platform that gets all the cashback orders from the client’s platform and pushes the payments into the banks.

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