SaaS solution for developing trade campaigns, rewards, and loyalty programs.

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SaaS solution for developing trade campaigns, rewards, and loyalty programs.


All companies in the manufacturing, FMCG, and distribution sectors, but also for all companies that sell through distribution channels or to points of sale, or directly to the end customer




Rewardiful.com is intended mainly for companies in the manufacturing, FMCG, and distribution sectors, but also for all companies that sell through distribution channels, to points of sale, or directly to the end customer. Through Rewardiful.com, companies can reward their partners and customers for their purchases and motivate them to buy more, thus increasing sales. Clients don’t need to spend months to build a rewards or incentive platform. The platform can be generated automatically and can be customized by a non-technical person. It is multi-country. Any country can be set up in the system.


Rewardiful.com is a SaaS solution for developing trade campaigns, rewards, and loyalty programs. The solution offers customers an essential competitive advantage in the ever-changing, fast-moving markets: Time to Market. Campaigns are live in a maximum of 24 hours, with all stages of implementation entirely set, from layout and customer database to setting the mechanics, the awards catalog and awards logistics. Rewardiful.com offers special functionalities which can be enabled or disabled based on the client’s needs, like: CASHBACK CAMPAIGNS Clients can reward participants with cashback and they can tailor the campaign according to: • maximum number of participants • unique or multiple entries • number of products that can be validated, per participant • minimum and maximum cashback value LANDING PAGES FOR B2C CAMPAIGNS Clients can use Rewardiful.com to create landing pages for cashback campaigns, sweepstakes, prize campaigns, or prizes offered to a certain number of first-time entrants. The landing page can be tailored to the client’s needs and campaign target. POINT TRANSFER BETWEEN USERS “Transfer Points” feature is for users from the same platform wanting to transfer points to one another. Transferring points is done in real-time by just entering the email address of the destination user and the number of points. BUY CREDIT Clients can offer users the option of buying points with a credit card. This is simply done by e-payment using a normal credit or debit card. The user logs into their account and goes to “Buy Credit”, fills in the number of points wanted, and their card information, and simply presses “Buy”. Once the payment is processed, the platform gives the credited points to the user, and they can order the desired prize right then and there. MY WISH The client can activate the “My wish” feature when a user wants a certain product they can't find in the catalog. The user has to log in, go to “My wish” and fill in the desired item that they want available in the catalog, and the Rewardiful.com team will research it and place it into that user’s catalog. The product becomes available exclusively for the user and they can order it whenever they choose to. PREPAID VOUCHERS Clients can use these vouchers in campaigns to attract new customers in the campaign, order to generate new trials and registrations, but also to reward certain partners for their output. The vouchers can be used on Rewardiful.com platform and can have different values, set by the client. The vouchers can be digital (with codes send by email) or offline (prepaid vouchers) In the case of the offline voucher, the package includes an envelope together with a Thank You letter, with a card made of plasticized paper for the prepaid voucher, glued to the letter, which the user can use on the platform. GAMIFICATION Through strategic game designs and mechanics, the client has the opportunity of motivating the users to achieve their objectives. Clients can choose the frequency of the game, can change the game for diversity, and users can play to extra earn points and order prizes. SALES & PROGRESS DASHBOARD Clients can show users the progress they make. In a trade campaign, partners can see where they stand between the sales target and achievement. The client can customize the design, colors, and font. Users can see multiple targets and multiple achievements areas. WIDE VARIETY OF PRIZES AND FLAWLESS LOGISTICS PRIZES A campaign built with Rewardiful.com comes with a ready-to-use prize catalog. Clients can edit the categories of prizes and select from a variety of products, with over 1.000.000 available prizes in stock (merchandise products). We have a 12.000 sqm warehouse in Bucharest. Real-time updates for prices and stock with the suppliers. Clients can choose e-vouchers as prizes, with the possibility of selecting from over 400 international brands from Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, the UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. (all European countries). DELIVERY • Delivery for all EU countries in 3-5 days from receiving the order • Partnership with top 5 most important logistics companies in Romania • E-vouchers can be delivered via email in a couple of hours after being ordered MULTIPLE FUNCTIONALITIES Multiple points allocation mechanics in place with anti-fraud functionalities. Multiple functionalities for user subscription, points allocation, and sales target tracking. Shop activation solution in place with Rewardiful.com online and offline vouchers. It uses marketing automated emails/SMS. WhatsApp integration for proof of purchase sending, interactive chatbot, directly linked to the database of Rewardiful.com. Multiple options for registration & login, and antifraud filters.


The technology has over 25 implementations, over 2.5M Euro turnover in 3 years, and has been developed and continuously updated, adding more and more features. Rewardiful.com won the Gold award at IDN Awards 2020 and 2021 for Best Use of a Technology in a Programme, Best Technology Provider or Solution, Best Innovation, Best Loyalty Campaign, and Best Use of Automation. In 2021, Rewardiful.com won the most coveted award: Excellence in Strategy. In 2022, it was shortlisted at Incentive Awards.